Friday, July 20, 2018

Shocking alligations: Uncle Tim was abused by AdamYuki During NYG!!

It's be 15 years since Tim went to NYC VF Gathering and was neglected by the NYC Crew. Specifically, the elitist player among them: AdamYuki.

Today, Tim recollected those abuses that took place and the details are stunning, from smelly shoes to getting sent to the "kids table".

Here are the shocking allegations from Uncle Tim towards AdamYuki:

1.     Stronger players were met at the airport to be picked up. 
2.     During team battle I was told that ghetto shun was being swapped off my team, because that’s just how it is. I complain and I’m wrong then nyc suddenly makes a rule next tourney. 
3.     I arrive and nyc has a rival war between hydra, so I get put at the kiddie table never to play vs higher players.
4.     Hiro mysteriously gets to sleep on andy’s Posh white couch while I get to sleep in your foyer next to all the shoes.

1FK BLOG commends Uncle Tim for coming as a victim of abuse after so many years. The wounds might have healed, but the pain will always remain. If you have been a victim of AdamYuki, or any other top players in the VFC, we welcome your story! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Groundhog's Day (2018) in theaters now!

Groundhog's Day (2018)

Starting Tricky's Scrubille..

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

NMTC2: Gathering at EVO 2018. Don't miss out like you did last time son!

It has been confirmed: The NMTC crew shall be at Evo2018!! Come and hang out? People confirmed:

Koujou Akira
Mrs. Flash

We'll checking out EVO, hanging out in Vegas from 8/2 to 8/5. We'll check out the VF event in EVO. This will likely be the last time you'll be able to play us if you still holding on to some shit in FS, so come and resolve before it's too late. Hope to see all those players who enjoy VF there! Calling out STL-TIM, Myke, TMOG? and Blackstarr!!
Don't cry when this happens to you:

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

Guide to learning Virtua Fighter in 2018, and who's the best teacher in the USA is.

It has come to 1FK's attention that it is 2018 and people are still learning about Virtua Fighter... And we got some dipshit, no life, "VF Vets", who are still teaching people.. Like this one:

Obviously.. Uncle Tim, SUPRISE!!! People who can't play the game in the first place, teaching people who can't play the game after twenty years.. THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE. 23 YEARS! 23 FUCK'N YEARS. That's how long VF2 has been out, and that's how long the Akira knee has been out. That's long it takes people to learn this fucking shit? Do you really want to learn how to do the move or do you just want to leave some of your shit stain on the internet, so some one can recognize you exist? Cuz if you really wanna learn the move, after 23 fuck'n years.. all you need to type in "akira knee" in google.. Then you got this fucking dumb ass who sits on this dead website to answer some shit question on some shit dead game, which he sucked at his entire life. This is a sad display of human existence.

Here some other honorable mentions who suck at VF but can't let go:

NO. Boston VF powers are not raising.. since like 2005... maybe 2003... You missed out.

NO.. You aint gonna see nobody there... Why the fuck in NYGZZZ even still going? Start saving for  iFM 3rd bankrupy!!  Bestbuy is hiring..


You guys are beyond sad and pathetic....
Oh and don't forget: